The perception of emotional and physical communication between people with their past and present is significant. I intended to focus on different types of communication that we widely use. In my paintings, I tried to establish communication between past and present with everything that I observed around me. As a result of being born and raised in another country, my paintings express the crossing of two different cultures.

When I was a child, we used to visit my grandmother every summer. She was living in a little village located on coast of the Black Sea in Northern Turkey. Houses were far from each other and located over several hills. They didn't have cell phones like we have today; not even landlines existed at that time in that region. When people needed to communicate with each other, they would use a shouting technique utilizing different sounds to express certain things from to hilltop to hilltop. These memories and few belongings from my parents and from their ancestors still keep my communication with my past to this day, even from thousands of miles away.

I applied volumetric and flat concepts together to express the emotional and technical aspects of communication. Because they make me feel warm inside, but also homesick, I used organic forms of softness and sensitivity. Organic forms close to each other, many of them with cool colors, represent ultimate human loneliness in my paintings.

Nilufer Ozturk